Who We Are?

CIP Technologies Pvt.Ltd was established in 2010 and is registered and incorporated in Bangalore, India. We started off as a humble team of 5 & haven’t stopped growing since.

What Do We Do?

We are an established company working of high growth technology in the field of computer application, UI/UX Design, Application Design and Services, embedded technologies and mobile applications. Our Payroll system is innovative because any business can rent a developer for their projects or business needs. Are you looking for a developer? or are you a developer? Either way, get in touch with us and we will open doors that you couldn’t imagine even existed.

Why Us?

We have an eccentric team of developers, coders &innovators who strive to design and develop innovative & cost-effective solutions for our clients. Within the past six years, we have successfully executed various projects for domestic clients in India & for clients residing abroad. Don’t believe us? Just ask our clients, employees and our customers or have a look at some of our successfully completed projects yourself. We operate across several areas with domain expertise in Storage, ERP, CRM, Employment, Real-Estate, Matrimony, eCommerce, etc.

The Best Solution For Your Business

At CIP Technologies Pvt.Ltd, we believe in understanding organizations and their ever involving needs and, at the same time, we work meticulously to systematically provide advanced, unique and innovative solutions for all our clients.


    • A product development approach that is unique and flexible to you
    • Technologically competent, if not more advanced than our competitors
    • A wide spectrum of services
    • Business value is delivered in measurable numbers
    • Round the clock support (24/7) service is provided


    • Upgrade to new and emerging technologies on a continuous basis.
    • Leading industry expertise in this domain
    • Project management skills that are quantifiable in qualitative and quantitative terms
    • A superior product development life cycle (as compared to our competitors)
    • An experienced, dedicated and efficient team


    • First, a round of consultation where we gather information and your requirements.
    • A project analysis based is done based on the consultation
    • Project design and planning follows
    • Project Development and Management Phases 1 and 2
    • Quality control and Testing


    • Investment in the latest tools, technologies, tactics and trends in the industry as well as training our manpower for handling the same are made.
    • The project life-cycle is monitored in its entirety to ensure compliance with established guidelines and procedures.
    • A project is verified and validated every step of the way to ensure that the project meets the client’s required specifications