Payroll Services: The ideal staffing solution for startup’s & established businesses.


One of the biggest challenges most startups face is finding the right talent, especially where software developers are concerned. Many companies cannot afford the resources required for a full-time developer, and in some cases, interns or freelancers are simply not good enough. CIP Technologies steps in and offers a platform that allows you to hire a developer for your upcoming or existing business.

CIP Technologies’ Payroll Services allow you to take a break from the regular method of hiring a developer. This in turn gives you the much needed freedom to innovate and work in collaboration with a developer who knows exactly what you need. We have a team of developers who have expertise in varied fields that gives them the ability to handle any form of business or web development.

The renting model of developers has cost benefits of over 38%, saving a lot more on the worries that come along with hiring developers on a contractual basis.


Here’s how our Payroll Services benefit you:

  1. Send us your requirement, we will find the developer(s) to match your needs.
  2. You pay as you use. No lock-in, no hourly charge, no surprise invoices.
  3. Contracts are flexible. Can be days, months or year-based, depending on the project.
  4. Economical: You know what you are paying for up-front.
  5. On/Off Site: Our developers can work both on-site at your office or off-site, whichever model suits you best.
  6. NDA-driven contracts: ensures total data confidentiality and complete code handover on completion of the project.


We do the hard part for you -finding pre-vetted, highly qualified developers for your project / business. Get in touch with us to Get Started!

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