Our Process

Design and a well-planned development cycle are the core processes that our products and services have been engineered around to provide you with innovative solutions.                  Our critical process are listed below:

  • Ideation

    Our process is initiated with us understanding your project requirements and the deliverables associated with it. The effectiveness of your requirement is identified and tested optimally. At this stage, we understand how you work and what your needs are with respect to the project.


    A strategy is the cornerstone behind the execution of any successful plan,that is made possible through research, planning and analysis. Some of our core strategies that enable you to achieve your objective include analysis of competitors, cost-benefit analysis, market survey and recommendations based on findings.


    The design is what we use to introduce a factor of appeal to any product. In the race to design a successful solution for you, we inculcate the use of wireframes, interface designs, prototypes and iterations. This phase helps a user identify what they really want as they see their product come to life with added functionality.


    The integration and functionality are also the essential features to the design of an application. Apart from economies of scale, it is possible to scale using front & back end development, DevOps, effective product testing, responsive design, optimal performance etc to integrate your product with all your business operations.


    Obviously the product has to be thoroughly tested for any bugs, glitches or error in lines of code.We have focused your launch by targeting effective channels of communication &marketing by making your product scaleable & tuning the same with all other businesses. Then we launch your application, and launch we do with a big BANG!

Our Service Offerings

CIP Technologies Pvt.Ltd has and always will be committed to our clients from around the world by providing state-of-the-art software services. Not to mention we have a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated developers that enable us to extend our services using the latest technical-know-how and trends in technology available at our disposal. The process of our product or service development is structured from inception to enable a timely delivery of such products or services.

Design and Development

Design is an integral part of any online business because design serves as the main factor of appeal for any consumer using a particular interface to access information or the world wide web. A design must integrate effectively with performance and functionality of the platform it is being used on. Our philosophy is to design unique and adaptive websites with effective functionality that are engaging to clients and customers alike. This engagement can be converted into leads and potential sales.


Communication is essential & to communicate with a user or customer is at the discretion of the company, but dependent on the product or service and target market. We enable communication through mobile and website platforms. Our track-records indicate our success in mobile app development such as development of mobile applications for android, IOS, windows and cross platform devices. We also develop fully functional and unique website platforms and webpages for a company to interact with their customers on.

Online and Offline Application Development

Irrespective of your business needs, big or small, we build applications that are engineered and designed to solve your business requirements. Be it new application development, product development, setting up backend, saving data locally, customized product development, etc., we provide our clients with customized solutions based on their specific requirements that affect the visual appeal of a an application.

Digital Marketing

We cover a wide array of services with respect to digital marketing, including but not limited to social media marketing, analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, online banner advertising, etc. You could say we are trying to cover the entire spectrum or the A to Z of Digital Marketing. This includes Online Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Payroll Services

We at CIP Technologies, break routine from your regular method of hiring a developer by renting-a-developer for a particular project or business concern. This benefits ‘you’ as a client and company with the freedom to innovate and collaborate with a developer that understands and exceeds your requirements. Our developers are each trained in a particular area of expertise that enable them to successfully follow through on projects related to design, coding, business or web development.


Don't we all hate tech and software products with glitches and bugs? Especially with glitches and bugs. We undertake quality assurance and software testing for your product. We put your product through several precise and purpose-built test processes to help identify even the most elusive of bugs that could threaten your entire software application.